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The "Shoodle" is our latest discovery - a cross between a Shi Tsu and a Poodle.  As both breeds are non-moulting, the shoodle has the benefit of being a fully non-moulting cross.  This makes them the best cross possible for allergy sufferers.

The Shoodle takes characteristics from both of its parents, and the appearance of the pups will vary. Size, for example, will depend on whether the Poodle parent is a toy or miniature.

In general Shoodles are fluffy and longer coated and fluffy since both the Poodle and the Shih-Tsu have a long coat, but its coat texture can be Shih Tsu straight, Poodle curly, or somewhere in between. They can be any colour or coulur combination, depending on the colours of the parents. They are typically shorter and stockier than poodles and the combination the fun loving nature of ths Shih Tsu with the high intelligence of the poodle makes them full of life buzzing round the house  which is why we refer to them as "Fluffy Dusters". As a Hybrid they benefit from “hybrid vigour” which combines the desirable traits of both breeds. In particular, as they tend to have a longer, more Poodle-like muzzle than their Shih-Tsu parent, this can alleviate many breathing problems that Shih-Tsu can experience.


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