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A Cavipoo is a cross between a Poodle and a |Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. As such it combines the traits from those two breeds, in particular the gentle sweet nature of the Cavalier and the intelligence and non-moulting of the Poodle. They therefore make great family pets and are especially good for people with allergies. As a hybrid of the two breeds they are less likely to develop common health problems of either parent breed - this is what is known as “hybrid vigour“ in other words the cross breeding result in a healthier dog with superior genetic constitution.

Cavipoos are very friendly, affectionate, high intelligent and energetic. They are great companion pets  which makes them suitable for children or older people. The intelligence of the poodle and desire to please their owner makes them very easy to train and in our house the pups start their training and socialisation at an early stage. Even though they are energetic, they also love to be cuddled and enjoy spending time with family, they are very people oriented dog.

The coats tend to be longer and looser curled than the poodle. As they are low to non-moulting, Cavippos do need regular brushing and grooming. And it is also good to keep their ears clean.

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